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Even with all the good decisions that have been made in the past years in our district, our educative MISSION is not over.
We must pursue our efforts toward innovation and efficiency and do everything possible to provide our children the best educative environment we can, promoting success and personnal growth among all our District 20 students, regardless of their entry skills and capacities.
Education is a perpetual work in progress requiring continuous adjustments. As educators and administrators, we must adapt effictively to our incessantly changing world and to our students' evolving needs.
My experience in education and academics would be very useful to our district and community, especially as we face more imposing federal mandates regarding the core curriculum. I am also extremely concerned about school security; we are living in an increasingly dangerous world, and every precaution must be taken in order to protect young lives.
Managing our resources in a sustainable way is very important to me, as well as overseeing proper allocation of those funds. I am familiar with other nations' school systems, and I know that more spending can be but is not always the answer to perceived shortcomings. Finally, I would like to see more partnerships developed with local businesses, providing students interested in internships with the possibility to explore different professions in a responsible manner.
My vision of Education
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